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Toilet and Shower Products for Rentals and to Manufacture
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Shower Rentals

We offer a range of mobile toilets and showers for rental to meet your specific requirements from single simple events to large upmarket luxurious occasions.
VIP 4 Cubicle Mobile Shower
•   4 Shower cubicles on a trailer
•   Gas geysers supply endless hot water
•   Easy to set up and operate
•   Comfortable sized shower cubicles, 900x900
•   Private changing area with basin
VIP 14 Cubicle Mobile Shower
•   14 Cubicles on a trailer
•   Diesel boilers supply endless hot water
•   For those big events, ensures hot showers for a large group of people
•   Private shower cubicles with dressing area
Single Site Showers
•   Plastic single showers
•   Excellent for building or construction sites
•   Hot running water
•   Economical option for long term basic shower requirements
•   Decontamination showers